Lulworth Cove

Brilliant little place to stay:

Tewksbury House 01929400561 – Jackie is nice and not overbearing. Sweet little room under thatched eves. Bit of a sprint to the loo but it was a bit like staying at your gran’s cottage – cosy and unpretentious. Massive breakfasts.

Castle Inn – one of the only places to eat in Lulworth. Nothing especially wrong with it but it could do with a severe menu overhaul by Gordon. If you dont like Chips and Peas or Garlic Bread then avoid it.  Mind you the innovative and unexpected treat of the Mexican Chip Butty is a first – garlic bread stacked with chips, chilli and cheese. For Indian Chip Butty substitute pub chicken curry. Brilliant. It’s like it was invented by a drunkard with a carb deficiency

Also if you aren’t a dog person this wont be the place for you – it won some Doggy Award for being so welcoming to them. A restless combination of wet dogs and overweaning owners does not make this a place for quiet contemplation – though they do have a great games collection so you can get your own back with loud bursts Boggle shaking fire.

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