Thoughts from a Belgrade Bathroom

It’s an irrational fear – but one that should be recognised all the same – using the loo in the hotel with the bathroom door open. I’m going to admit that on my own in hotel room I’m not going to go through the pavlovian rigmarole of shutting the bathroom door. Ha! A small rebellion. Until half way through I panic. What if they come to do my room. They knock once and open. That’s it. There is no wait for a response and even if you wanted to you are mid flow and shouting desperately and incoherently from a loo seat. I’ve also noticed that hotel bathrooms are actually always next to the main room door so that, if you were to not close the bathroom door and they arrived to do your bed, you’d be exposed to the corridor, pants down, in media res and shouting ‘no!’ at the housekeeper. Tricky.

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