Twinkly lights of Cyprus

Based on long standing research, and the more recent contrast between The Palace, Belgrade and The Hilton, Nicosia, it seems that the comfort : irritating lights ratio is conversely linked.

The abrasive sheets of my simple single bed in Serbia left raw sores on those areas of skin that came into contact with the ill-fitting linen, but the light pollution of the room was below zero. An eery pitch black, but one that is conducive to letting frenetic minds rest.

The melty-soft sheets and marshmallow duvet at the Cyprus Hilton made it super simple to never want to get up – if you can find the edge of the tectonic plate-sized bed. But that is no use at all when the 2am insomnia sets in and the rooms seems geared more to landing light aircraft than serene relaxation. A good twenty minutes were spent trying to turn off/cover with tights the multitude of high-tech LEDs that seemed to want to tell me from every angle it was 03.22. It was reminiscent of those fairground games – hitting the balls as they light up and before another appears.

Hear me now Hilton. Turn off the LEDs, save the world and let worried minds rest.

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