Spring has nearly sprung! And I am definitely looking forward to a nice bit of lamb – which we can all enjoy – whatever our beliefs.


'That's My Car Outside'

We are very pleased to announce the winner of our ‘Get Snapping’ competition. We had a really enthusiastic response so thank you all for your efforts. Join me in congratulating Neil for his gritty piece of office realism. It really did get us all talking.

Our runner-up was Maddy for her creative and seasonal creation. Both winners will receive vouchers for the canteen!

Highlighter Bunny

In other news…
We say goodbye to Douglas at the end of the month. Farewell tea and cake will be served at 3pm on Friday as fitting thanks for the 29 years he’s spent with us. Come along and snap up a fondant fancy.

Charity Fun Run!!! Get silly and running for charity! Contact Christine. ext 4509
Charity Cake Bake!!! Get your pinny on for charity! Contact Christine. ext 4509

A small house-keeping note. Please cover any dishes you are reheating in the microwave with the clingfilm provided.

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