Simple Pleasures

There’s really no point me going on about how brilliant Robin Hood’s Bay is – the little snickets, the squawking gulls, the cliff top walks and the intimate local folk sessions… That’s not even to mention the fairytale garret with bay views where we stayed (which will remain un-named and secret because it’s ours now).

But one thing that really came to the fore was getting enormous enjoyment from really basic things. Forget gourmet (for a moment) … thanks to the limited (but wholly adequate) 1950s local shop for local people, we were reminded just how amazing Cornflakes are (even without sugar which we were too tight to buy), and that Golden Shred on white toast is an absolute joy, and that soft boiled eggs and soldiers are the power breakfast of the future (and past – I realise that..)

As far as entertainment goes it is remarkable how a sing-along to a sea shanty can make you lose all inhibitions and want to belt out Settle-Carlisle for a bunch of strangers. And I think you’ll find that the continued and close up observation of seagull chicks wins hands down overWimbledon(for a little while at least). And shopping…? three woollen blankets and some parkin is some kind of retail bliss.

It all sounds a bit Famous Five and it was – right down to the (alcoholic) Ginger Beer.

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