Seasonal Produce

I tend to miss seasons whilst at my desk… Especially the subtler touches of spring and autumn. Last weekend though was some kind of seasonal hit-the-spot bliss. I was invited by the Lovely Luce to the annual cider making weekend down in Kent. Every autumn a tractor load of apple crates from the Fox Pitt orchard have the luck of being preserved in liquid (rocket-fuel) form through an age old manual process that these guys have been carrying on for thirty years or more.

The apples themselves are beautiful. There were tiny ones, spotty ones, blushing ones and some whoppers with pure white flesh, and each and every one of them was sliced by hand, twice ground and then squeezed in a beautiful wooden press.

It’s a repetitive and blistering process but one that is equally as therapeutic and social. You sit and natter in the autumn sun as you chop, lose yourself in the slicing and let your mind wander. It is one of those activities that define the season and it’s refreshing to have activities dictated by something that can’t be moved in the calendar.

The reward is in Mrs’s Ds fabulous food, a whole bagful of apples and pears and last year’s beautiful amber cider that is the perfect muscle ease for an all too rare weekend of fresh air and physical work.

Ready for log-stacking now…

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