A knitting manifesto

It has all got too much. Too much wool. Too many books about wool. Too many woolen presents. So I am taking a solemn vow that will include the following:

  1.  No more new wool acquisition – paid for or otherwise – until I have cut down the stash to nothing more than enough for one more project.
  2. Once the stash has been reduced to the ‘one project ahead’ status no more new yarn will be purchased speculatively. It must be bought with a clear project in mind.
  3. I will not look at yarn on ebay. However good the bargain is I will resist. It’s best if I just don’t look
  4. I will not buy yarn as a ‘souvenir’ of a trip or sojourn unless this complies with point 2
  5.  No more pattern downloads or purchases. According to Ravelry I have 2,500 patterns already at my disposal. This is more than enough.
  6.  No more commissions (after Kiran’s jumper is finished) until the stash is depleted. I must focus attention on reducing the stash.
  7.  I will accept that sometimes it is better to give no present than give an emergency knitted present that does not suit or please the recipient.
  8.  I will not take needles to bed. This is apparently not safe for anyone..

I swear here – to the 2 people reading this – that I will plunder the depths of my will power and patience to comply. Rather like I did with my smoking.. wool header

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