And another thing…

Rant? Never?

Swearing– whatever comes naturally…

TOLLS – a la France..?

Linguistic Confusion – Aussie born, northern bred…

Talking it Up – the art of small talk


4 Responses to And another thing…

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  3. JM says:

    G’day. Fair dinkum CharlieButton, I reckon I gave you your first taste of Vegemite and remember your addiction to tubes of condensed milk? What the heck are ‘flip flops’? Fair suck of the sav, you’ve turned into a Pom and forgotten about thongs. I can send you a pair of ridgy-didge, dinky-di , true blue thongs if ya want.
    How’s it going? Hope your chooks haven’t turned into emus and kicked the dunny down. My 3 billy-lids are good and send regards. Nipper is great despite him having a few roos loose in the top paddock. But she’s apples and all’s well. See ya, love JM.

    • Aussie fairy Godmother! You’ll be pleased to hear I am still drinking Lipton loose tea and slathering buttery toast with Vegemite! Hope you’re liking the posts!

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