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The Lady Triathlete

It occured to me as I was heaving my way round the park in an attempt to sweat out some pies, that genteel ladies of the past never had to do this… There was no ritual flesh-wobbling public humiliation. There was no … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

There’s really no point me going on about how brilliant Robin Hood’s Bay is – the little snickets, the squawking gulls, the cliff top walks and the intimate local folk sessions… That’s not even to mention the fairytale garret with … Continue reading

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Painting by numbers in the north

I think we were all a little misled at primary school. Sky and sea are blue. Fields are green, sheep are white. There is a sun. None of these elements seemed to match up with our northern surroundings. Our clouds … Continue reading

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10 things you can do with a black pashmina

The humble (acrylic) black pashmina can generally be picked up in a 3 for a tenner deal on any student city shopping street.. but for that £3.3333333333333 you are buying a tool for life. A tool that could save your life… … Continue reading

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Twinkly lights of Cyprus

Based on long standing research, and the more recent contrast between The Palace, Belgrade and The Hilton, Nicosia, it seems that the comfort : irritating lights ratio is conversely linked. The abrasive sheets of my simple single bed in Serbia left raw … Continue reading

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