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Cabin Fever

I wasn’t ready for my latest trip at all and a combination of irregular (and public) buses, a genetic inability to cut it fine at the airport and an eye-wateringly early flight were combining to mean a 2am wake up. … Continue reading

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Seasonal Produce

I tend to miss seasons whilst at my desk… Especially the subtler touches of spring and autumn. Last weekend though was some kind of seasonal hit-the-spot bliss. I was invited by the Lovely Luce to the annual cider making weekend … Continue reading

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Your Ultimate Language Companion

You have been specially selected to pilot the latest solution to language learning.  The Kenilworth Language Companion is everything you loved and hated about school text books.   Click here to claim your free trial! The_Kenilworth_Companion_Part_1

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Lulworth Cove

Brilliant little place to stay: Tewksbury House 01929400561 – Jackie is nice and not overbearing. Sweet little room under thatched eves. Bit of a sprint to the loo but it was a bit like staying at your gran’s cottage – … Continue reading

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Athens thieving

A minor downside of Athens showed itself last week when a handbag was nicked from the breakfast room of the Herodion.  Dont think their staff were partuicularly helpful but apparently the police were efficient and corteous. So even some of … Continue reading

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